Fish and Chip Menu

Welcome to Not Just Fish and Chips in Ilfracombe. As the name suggests, we're not just your typical fish and chip shop. Yes we do Fish, yes we Chips, we even do Sausages and all the other things you would expect from a chip shop as our menu below shows. We also offer Street Food from across the World, check out this weeks specials for more delicious options.

Please note all of the prices below are for Takeaway only, for restaurant prices add 20p per item.

Fish and Chips


Small Cod £3.40 Medium Cod £4.20 Large Cod £5.00 Over 60's Special £4.00 Scampi £4.10 Homemade Fish Cake £2.20 Posh Fish Finger Sandwich £4.20


Chip Cone £1.50 Small Chips £2.00 Medium Chips £2.40 Large Chips £2.80 Cheesy Chips £2.70 Chip Butty £2.00



¼lb Beef Burger £2.80 ¼lb Beef Burger with Cheese £3.10 ¼lb Beef Burger with Bacon & Cheese £4.00 ½lb Beef Burger £3.70 ½lb Beef Burger with Cheese £4.00 ½lb Beef Burger with Bacon & Cheese £5.00 Chicken Burger£2.90 Spicy Chicken Burger£3.30

Gourmet Burgers

Chilli Cheese Burger £6.00

¼lb Devon Beef Burger, Bacon, Afterburner Cheese, Sriracha Mayo & Salad

The Smoky Cheese One £6.00

¼lb Devon Beef Burger, Smoked Bacon, Oak Smoked Cheese, Smoked Garlic Mayo & Salad


Steak and Kidney Pie £2.90 Chicken and Muchroom Pie £2.90


Chicken Nuggets x 8 £2.90 ¼ Chicken Breast £3.90 Southern Fried Chicken Strips x 5 * £4.10 Plain Chicken Strips x 5 *£4.10

* includes Dip - BBQ, Mayo, Ketchup or Sweet Chilli


Small Plain £1.50 Small Battered £1.60 Large Plain £2.40 Large Battered £2.80 Saveloy £2.70 Big Foot Battered £2.00


Veggie Burger £3.30 Mac 'n' Cheese £3.20

Kids Meals (Under 12's) *

Chicken Nuggets x 4 £2.80 Small Sausage (Plain or Battered) £2.80 Plain Burger £3.00 Cheese Burger £3.10 Cod £4.10 Mac 'n' Cheese £3.20 Pizza Twist £3.20

* includes chips and a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

Side Orders

Small Curry Sauce £1.30 Large Curry Sauce £1.70 Mushy Peas £1.20 Beans £1.20 Gravy £1.20 Bread Roll £1.20 Onion Rings£1.70 Pea Fritter£1.40

Drinks & Desserts


Cans£1.00 Hot Chocolate £1.90 Ultimate Hot Chocolate £2.50 Cappuccino / Latte / Americano £1.80 Mocha £1.90 Tea £1.20


Dessert of the Day Battered Mars Bar £1.70